Female External Genitalia

Mount of Venus: A pad of fat that is on the female pubis, is shaped like an inverted triangle. In this part of the female anatomy pubic hair grows and there is sweat and sebaceous glands.
Glans of the Clitoris: This is just the tip of a whole system of nerves, erectile tissue, glands and blood vessels that fill with blood in response to stimulation. The clitoris is sensitive to touch, pressure, vibration or even a thought.
Urinary meatus: The outlet for urine, the end of the urethra to the outside.
Vaginal opening: This hole allows the entry of the penis as well as the baby’s exit through the birth canal. It’s lined by a tissue, called hymen that breaks with the first penetration of the penis or trauma.
Anus: The anus is the end of the digestive system, where waste is expelled from the body, after passing through the intestines. It also represents a form of sexual pleasure for the increasingly popular anal sex or because you can get to the male G spot through it.
Lower lips: There are two sensitive structures that are found covered by the major labia. They go from the clitoral hood to below the vagina and around the holes in the vagina and urethra it swells during sexual arousal.
Major Lips: Formed by two that overlaps the labia minora in the pudendal cleft. They are sexually sensitive and swell with excitement.
Perianal Rafe: The line of skin that goes from the vaginal opening to the anal opening.
Male External Genitalia Crest of the pubis: a fat pad where the pubic hair grows.
Shaft of the penis: This consists of the corpora cavernosa and spongiosum. The corpus cavernosum is the erectile tissue that allows the erection; the spongy body is responsible for ejaculation.
Penis gland: Is the most sensitive part of the penis. At the tip, the hole from which urine comes out and also semen is expelled.
Foreskin: The foreskin is a sensitive tissue lining the area of the head or penis gland. Some men have this tissue because they had the procedure called circumcision.
Scrotum: The scrotum is a pouch that holds the testicles. Testicles The sperm-producing organs, found inside the scrotum.