The oil and erotic massage

Some techniques of erotic massage require using oil. Since its decision is very personal, in our company we live it on our visitors. Some of them prefer using oils, while others ask to minimize their use. Our policy is to create an atmosphere that will satisfy a client, so our specialists do what the client asks.

During the tantric massage oils are needed for one reason – it helps sensations. If the essential oil is missing for home massage, you can use soybean, olive or corn oil. The main thing when selecting the right oil for the procedure is to catch smells and mix them.

The importance of the professional approach

Professional massages like https://sweetsensations.fr/en/ have great advantages compared to what you can do at home. This option guarantees that your sexual energy will be released and that with some procedures you will get more control over your body.

Aromatic lamp and sexual energy

We also use an aromatic lamp, since it is the most popular container for adding oils. Varieties of oils help to maximize the person’s sensations and to balance the feeling more. Patchouli smell, for example, strengthens the higher chakras, as the Indian practice says. One of the most popular aromas is the rose tree, which builds an erotic bridge between the partners. Other popular smells include bergamot, cedar, and lemon. When using oils for home erotic massage, use them very carefully, because it can be dangerous for health.

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