How to heal a broken heart

We can say that we all have gone through a stage of “broken heart”. Yes, unfortunately this painful condition knows no boundaries and can affect any unprepared lover… To experience the end of an unexpected romantic relationship causes deep sadness, as does finding out that our feelings are not reciprocated or when someone very special suddenly disappears from our lives… No doubt this breaks our heart! Although the causes may be different, the feeling of a broken heart is the same regardless whether it is loss of something real or something you dreamed or illusioned. Broken hearts describe these experiences as a deep feeling of bitterness, emptiness, and sadness. Although poets have written about heartbreak for thousands of years, when it happens to you, you feel as if no one else in the world has ever felt the same way. If you are recovering from an experience like this, there are things you can do to alleviate suffering.

The 5 ideal ways to heal a broken heart:

1-Share your feelings:
Talk to someone who you feel can understand you. For some people who share their feelings with someone they trust, like a friend or family member, helps them feel better, helps them not to keep those feelings inside and that makes them begin to see things more clearly. Be comforted by someone that cares about you. It is possible that people with the best intentions, don’t understand the depth of your feelings and try to encourage you with statements like “get over it” or “you’ll meet someone else.” Probably these people are trying to help you the only way they know. But if you get the feeling that a certain person is unable to understand what you’re going through or try to minimize your feelings, talk to someone who understands you better.
2-Take care of yourself
Having your heart broken into a million pieces is very stressful and can interfere with how you take care of yourself. Don’t let this situation interfere with your sleep pattern, it is important in those days that you get enough sleep and rest a lot. It is also good that you don’t seek shelter in junk food or sweets, because then you will see the consequences and feel worse. Don’t forget to exercise constantly to reduce stress, depression, and keep your spirits afloat.
3-Remember the good things
It happens when the heart breaks that we blame ourselves for what happened and we are very hard on ourselves by exaggerating the faults to make us feel worthy of what happened. If this is happening , put an end at once ! Remember your many qualities, and if the depression does not currently let you see any, ask your friends to help you see all the good in you!
4-Keep yourself busy
Being mired in grief can be very difficult to hold the head of anything other than thinking about the plight of love, but keeping yourself busy is one of the things that help to heal a broken heart. It is a good time to redecorate your room or try a new hobby. This does not mean you should not think about what happened, reflection on what has happened is part of the healing process – but also you must focus your attention on other things.
5-Take your time
To overcome the sadness, time is the best ally , though sometimes seems impossible to overcome such a bad time, time is the best medicine, so much so that almost always heals the broken heart! The time taken depends in which way your heart was broken, how to cope with the loss and how quickly you tend to recover from the experience. The important thing is to think that in the end you’ll be fine. Healing a broken heart can take from days to months… But you’ll definitely heal!

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