Men’s club: how to understand, flirtation or love

At the very beginning of acquaintance, it is difficult to predict all. In the long term there can be a happy end in the bright, but short novel, and the dim, but long relations when for leaving there isn’t enough honesty. How to understand, flirtation or love there is between you? In several parameters, among which the number of the put forces, a compromise or persistence, flexibility or inflexibility and so on.

Purposes of meetings

The flirtation purpose is seducing. That is after between you there will be a sex, interest to each other will fall. That is the girl as the personality to you isn’t especially important — your blood is stirred by the process and the end result (receiving pleasure).

The love purpose are the relations. And after you interest own desires and desires of the partner. No, there is no mistake here. The relations are put on the first place, on the second — both of you because only in this situation between you there will be an equality and mutually advantageous exchange of resources: time, money, efforts.


In a case with flirtation she completely in the temper’s hands: he mostly calls, makes appointment, controls the development of a plot and decides when it is time to leave. In a case with serious the relations she equally lays down on shoulders and the guy, and girls. If there are some distortions, one of the partners will begin to take offense and will feel deprived, another will be dissatisfied too.


At the level of little, noncommittal flirtation about any serious trust of the speech doesn’t go. In the temper’s hands complete control, it is capable to manipulate the girl and to try to obtain finally conceived. A seducing essence is just in manipulation. If the speech about mutual love, it is possible to tell only about cooperation.

Flexibility of thinking

Not for nothing psychologists say that marriage is based on compromises — couple learns to find the solutions satisfying both.