My Girlfriend Cheated on Me – What Do I Do Now?

You always want to expect the best whenever you get into a new relationship. You certainly don’t try and go into it with a cynical attitude. But, as we all know, things do happen that are not what we want to happen. Cheating is probably one of those things that we all know in the back of our minds it could happen… we just hope that it does not.

So, what do you do if you found out that your girlfriend cheated on you?

Your first instinct is probably going to be to get mad at her and at the situation. That is something that is to be expected and I don’t really think that there is anything wrong with feeling that way. After all, she did wrong you, so you have good reason to feel angry with her. It’s also just a really bad situation to have to deal with, so of course you are not going to be all happy go lucky about it.

Don’t blame yourself…

The other reaction that is really common is for you to feel as if it is all your fault. Like you did something wrong or that you gave her a reason to cheat on you. That may seem to be true to some extent, but you really should not blame yourself. After all, if there were problems or things that made her unhappy, she should have took the time to talk to you about them. And if she really felt like it was not working out, then she should have broken up with you before she went ahead and cheated on you.

Learn from the experience and move on.

I know that you probably want to hear that there is a way to make sure that she will never cheat on you again. Well, maybe there is a way, but to be honest, I am not going to go that route. Most of the time I feel that it is much better for you to take this experience as a lesson and learn from it, while moving on at the same time. I mean, can you really honestly say to yourself that you will be able to believe that she is not going to cheat on you again? And isn’t it likely that if you ever get into a fight with her and she storms off, that a part of you is going to wonder if she is running off to be with another guy.

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The best thing that I think you can do is to admit that although she may have been cool to have dated for a while, she was probably not the best woman for you. There is a good chance that you are going to find another woman who is better for you and will not cheat on you.

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