The Secret of Making 3-Ways Happen NOW

Discover the secret of turning having a good time with a couple of women into having three-ways with women.
We wanted you to know this secret before everyone else finds out about it…
At a recent seminar, we had a special guest speaker who has done over 30 three-ways with women.
He is accomplished at having three-ways with women… and for the first time ever, he shared some of his secrets about his many successes.
And we’d like to share one of them with you, right here, right now.
Imagine that you are in a bar or at a party, and you are having a good time with a couple of women who you think might be good partners for a three-way.
And now imagine that there’s a fun vibe between you. You want to make it more overtly sexual, but don’t know how.
You need the secret that”bridges the gap”between having a good time with a couple of women, to turning the entire interaction sexual.
Well, here the secret is:
Do a”dare.”
You see…
In fun, bar-like situations, many women are simply looking for an excuse to do something outrageous and sexual. The”dare”gives them that excuse.
This can be as complicated as starting a game of”truth or dare,”or as simple as saying, “Hey, I’ve got a dare for you… I dare you to kiss each other.”
It’s amazing how well this works.
A simple dare can start”one thing leading to another,”and open the door to you fantasy being fulfilled.
If you’d like to get into situations where you can do that – and where you can move the entire thing back to your place for more adult fun – then you want to check out our upcoming seminars. This is your chance to get intensive, hands-on Being a Hard to Get Man coaching and get the women you desire to pursue you.
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What You’ll Get
At this workshop you’ll discover:
How to alternate”connections”and”disconnections”to create romantic chemistry, passion, and mystery.
Each step of turning conflict into seduction, with any woman any time. Once you know how to do this, you’ll be stunned by how much sex you’ve”left on the table”because you thought a seduction was over when it was actually just heating up.
A new way to approach women when you do NOT feel confident (that will build your confidence as you do it!).
How to honestly convey the Bad Boy Attitude that (as you know) women can’t resist.
Exactly how to use”Rewards”and”Punishments”to seduce superhot women.
How shy men can use the secret of the Tortured Artist to get women to pursue YOU.
The exact plan for being Hard to Get using our special 3-2-1 Pyramid. This is the exact, start-to-finish formula for getting women to pursue YOU.
A complete style make-over (men have paid $400 for this part alone!).
One-on-one and group coaching in light, medium and heavy disconnectors, and actual practice in using all of them.
Workshop Details
Each day you will be shown exactly how to approach women in coffee shops, bookstores, and on the street. There will be lecture, practice, demos and Q&A with our all-star Seduction Coaches. At night you’ll learn to be Hard to Get in a variety of bars.