The relations at distance: how to construct love on the Internet

Relations at distance are possible, but not in the most habitual format when lovers live nearby and can meet at any time. But at the same time it is necessary to distinguish long separation at real acquaintance and acquaintance in network from scratch. If in the first case the probability of a happy end is very improbable (the role of the partner is overestimated and habits because of what people become strangers each other change), in the second forecasts are more favorable. Therefore it is worth talking about how to construct love on the Internet, but not how to keep it in separation.

Acquaintance advantages on the Internet

Discipline. There is a need to plan the time to organize communication sessions, to make far-reaching plans, arranging under them the life. It is necessary to be prepared for each meeting seriously: to save up money, to think up of what you will be engaged and so on.

An opportunity to learn each other. If at a personal acquaintance of emotion and passion can overflow with the head, having disconnected an opportunity at all it is rational to argue, at communication at distance the most important factor is compatibility. Partners gradually learn characters of each other, views, outlook. And only if between them something has appeared the general, they approach the following stage — a meeting. The way of an acquaintance on the Internet is ideal for those who look for the permanent partner.

Online communication minuses

Limitation of perception. The fact that you can’t see and feel the interlocutor strongly limits your opportunities to understand what he represents.

Lie. It is impossible to tell with absolute confidence whether the truth is told about himself by the person, not for nothing on the Internet in magnificent color marriage fraud blossoms — there are many people wishing to receive a profit on human feelings. Therefore, surfboarding in network, it is necessary to follow elementary safety rules.

Rules of the creation of the relations on the Internet

Regular communication. You have to contact and organize constantly regular sessions of audio-and video conference. Various chats, services of personal messages in social networks, Skype and similar programs will help with it.