Introducing Yourself To Women

I talked earlier about how important good first impressions are in aiding successful seduction and you then learnt the best way to approach a girl in regards to your proximity, direction and body language. Now we’re onto the main substance of the first impression: the actual opener, the beginning of the conversation that – by the time it’s over – will have the girl lusting after you and your continued attention.
So I don’t mind saying that getting the conversation opener just right is critical to your overall success.
Before looking at 3 great ways to open, let’s first go over a few absolute no-no’s – things so many guys choose to do when they open with a girl and subsequently the reasons so many fall flat on their faces. They’re the most common mistakes made by guys hoping to form a good first impression.
1. Packaged Pick-up Lines
A pick-up line is predetermined way of opening that attempts to fuse flirtatiousness with wit in just a sentence or two. We all know a few and some of them are actually pretty funny – but that’s where their list positive attributes ends. You see, pick-up lines are most guys’ idea of what a girl would like to hear as the first thing uttered by a man who’s approached her. In reality, pick-up lines stand out a mile in women’s minds as what they are: a method of breaking the ice with the sole intention of getting into their panties later on. A tiny minority of women don’t mind this (they usually have some strange reason for wanting to hook-up with guys, such as a weird inferiority complex that needs attention, or they’re just sluts who make a sport out bedding men). Either way, pick-up lines are only as powerful as the person that’s using them. And if you have the power to make a corny pick-up line work, using one as your primary opener is the last thing you want to do. You’ll have infinitely more success using one of the 3 examples of good openers that follow or even one of your own design that conforms to the general structure of a good opening topic/technique.
2. Buying drinks, giving compliments and doing favours.
You can guarantee that somewhere in the world, at any given time, there is a guy offering to buy a girl a drink or telling her she looks beautiful in an attempt to get her to like and feel attracted to him. The reason it’s such a commonly used ploy by men is because on the surface it seems like a great idea: «If I tell her she looks good or pay for her bill she’ll see that I’m a kind guy and she’s bound to like me. After all, if someone paid me a compliment or did something equally nice, I’d be flattered.» Avoid using compliments when you open, buying drinks and doing favours like the plague – they serve no productive purpose.
3. «Don’t I know you?»
This method of opening (really just a pick-up line masquerading as an opener), isn’t an instant killer, but is instead usually a slow-burning path to failure. Lots of guys use it to introduce themselves to a girl they’d like to get talking to. They’ll say: «Do I know you? You look familiar.» Women, however, being much more adept at facial recognition than men, know instantly that they have not met you before, which is what lands you in icy waters 5 seconds after you’ve opened. Some guys can make this method of opening work, but it’s their skill at turning a stone-cold situation into a sizzling conversation that
does the trick, and not the initial «Don’t I know you?» line. So, once again, avoid it. Women don’t mind talking to a guy they don’t know if it feels right – in fact, you being a stranger they slowly fall in love with over a drink is infinitely more powerful than posing as someone they might have met before and spending the next hour trying to convince them of that fact to therefore validate your presence.
So, that’s how not to open and how not to make a good first impression.