How to Make Her Want You Without Smothering Her With Attention

Why would a woman meet a nice guy who on the surface seems like exactly what she wants… not feel any attraction to him at all? Well, if that nice guy is smothering her with attention… that is exactly how she will probably feel. If you have ever had the experience of having a woman seem like she was totally into you, and you spent a lot of time with her only for her to go «cold» on you really quickly, then you may have been giving her too much attention.

Does that mean that you should do the exact opposite and not give a woman any attention at all? Will that make her want you?

Although that might seem like the logical conclusion, to do the exact opposite, that is not necessarily going to be the best course of action that you can take. Sometimes, you have to find the middle ground to get the reaction that you want to get.

This is how to make her want you without feeling the need to smother her with attention or do the opposite and give her not attention at all:

Make it a point to let her know that you are going to go on with your lifestyle without being a **** about it. Show her that you have an independent side and make her feel like she wants to be a part of that side of you. Just because you feel as though you want to spend all of your free time with her does not mean that you need to. Hang out with your friends and co workers. Do some guy stuff once in a while. This lets her see that you are not going to smother her with attention and it also gives her a reason to want to try to be a part of that other life that you have.

Get rid of your insecurity that if you are not always by her side, that she is going to leave you. Many men have that insecurity and that is the underlying reason why they feel like they have to be around a woman all of the time. They are afraid that maybe she will find someone else. Or maybe she will decide that she likes being without them more than she likes being with them.
Combine the alluring trait of being mysterious to a woman along with the ability to make her feel sexual tension and she WILL want you.

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This combination works so much better than trying to smother a woman with too much attention. The mysterious nature that she sees in you will make her feel extremely curious and intrigued about spending time with you and the ability to make her feel sexual tension will make her think of you ONLY as a guy she wants to be intimate and playful with.

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