Generating Interest for Boring Guys

The first step toward generating interest with women is actually being interesting.  Where this becomes difficult is when your lifestyle just…well, isn’t that interesting.
Let’s face it; for the majority of working adults, the daily grind doesn’t provide us with a lot of incredibly interesting conversation material.  And work takes up an increasingly larger chunk of our lives as the years progress, too.  Internationally-renowned pick up master JDOG, featured on VH1′s The Pick-Up Artist, is no stranger to this inconvenient truth.  As a successful engineer, he discovered that his high-paying career actually disinterested a lot of women.  Luckily for us, he learned some ways to deal with this, which he shares in this video.
Not everyone’s a rock star
Well, maybe at heart we are, but in real life we have far less interesting jobs:  we’re accountants, lawyers, janitors, pizza guys, or whatever.  And while these kinds of jobs might not land a guy his own reality show, we do need them to pay the bills.
We can’t all be world-famous musicians or test pilots, and you don’t need to be to pick up women.  In fact, as long as you’re satisfied with your life, you can have just as much dating success as any of the celebrities you see–and envy–on TV.  It’s all about having an interesting lifestyle–which includes not only your job, but a lot of other factors as well.
Lifestyle–the foundation of dating success
Lifestyle is all about the whole picture:  your job, yes, but also your free time, your hobbies, your interests, and your friends.  It’s who you are and what you do as a human being.  And if you’re satisfied with that, you’ll have a lot more luck generating interest with women.
People with interesting lifestyles are naturally seductive.  They have good stories to tell, experiences that other people can relate to and want to hear about.  These can come from your job–if you’re lucky–but they can just as easily come from elsewhere.  So if you’re not a professional thrill-seeker, become an amateur one:  use your free time to the fullest.  Pursue hobbies.  Go out with friends.  Travel.  Live a little.  Having a life outside of work will go a long way toward making you a more interesting person.
Guys who aren’t satisfied with their lives are very noticeable; they mope around in this sort of melancholic haze, as though nothing can possibly hold any pleasure for them.  If they approach a woman, they usually get this half-hearted, hopeful look in their eyes, but when they inevitably get shot down, the gloom settles back around them like fog.  Don’t be that guy.  The statistical probability of him attracting a woman is practically negative.
By contrast, satisfaction with one’s lifestyle is self-evident as well–usually in the form of an energetic, fun-loving personality.  Women, with their infamous intuition, pick up on these differences.  So think about what’s missing in your life, and devote some time to satisfying your own interests.  And while you should try to get into a career field that you’re passionate about, you don’t have to rely exclusively on your job to generate interest.  Chicks will be interested in your life as long as you are–even if your professional interests lie in, say, tax preparation.
But don’t forget, your lifestyle satisfaction factor is only as effective as your ability to convey it to women.  So consider a second career in advertising:  check out our Members’ Section for all kinds of great tips on how to market that interesting lifestyle to the women you want to meet.  Being interesting is one thing; you have to show that you’re interesting, and we can teach you how, with videos on fashion, attitude, conversation dynamics, and much more.  So don’t waste time–the sooner you get the message out, the faster it goes to work for you.
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