5 Mistakes That Tear Your Relationship Apart

Most relationships start off rosy; that’s because at this stage, the center that produces endorphins in the brain is working overtime. As a result of this feel good chemical, it is often easier for your partner to ignore some traits or habits that would normally turn him/her off. This is why the first three months are termed the honeymoon phase in a relationship. After this phase, most people suddenly begin to notice traits they are not too fond of. These traits did not appear overnight, they were always there,but were lot easier to ignore at the beginning. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make that ruins their relationship

#1 Being Extremely Critical Of Each Other

Being overly critical of everything your partner does or says can become emotionally unhealthy for the person being criticized. Constantly criticizing each other would eventually create an emotional wall between two partners. Moreover, this soon transforms into a level of discomfort when you are in each other’s presence. In this situation, couples become very controlled, emotional restrained as they fear being mocked or criticized by their partner. The inability to be their selves in each other’s presence eventually leads to break up in most cases.

#2 Constantly Forgetting Special Occasions

If you accidentally forget a birthday or an anniversary, that can be forgiven. However, failing to remember every single moment ofimportance to your significant other will eventually lead him/her to think you do not truly care about them. This includes forgetting to attend award ceremonies, birthdays, graduations, basically the most important moments in the other person’s life. This says you are selfish by nature and would not take anything that does not concern you seriously.For those of you who are truly forgetful, set a reminder on your phone the moment you are told of an important event in your partner’s life.

#3 Ignoring A Problem And Hoping It Goes Away

A lot of couples like to sweep problems under the rug. They fail to tell each other how they really feel, believing if they do not say anything eventually the problem will go away. In a lot of cases, this festers and grows over time. The little mumbled comment when you are angry with each other would eventually escalate to full blown screaming arguments that could have been easily avoided if you had discussed the issue when it originally came up. The resentment that has been building over time turns little issues into matters of immense contention.

#4 Withholding Sex Every Time You Have An Argument

Withholding sex every time you have an argument or disagreement is one of the most disastrous mistakes people make. As a mature adult, you should be able to have a disagreement without turning it into something more. Even for those couples who are very open with each other and occasionally experiment with sex toys such as silicon wives, there should be rules for how you can use them. If every time you have a fight, you decide it’s time to spend more alone time with your sex dolls, then your relationship is definitely heading in the wrong direction. This should be something you enjoy together as a couple and not a tool you use to tell your significant other their presence isn’t needed.

#5 Constantly Fighting Over The Little Things

Even though it is advisable to talk about issues when they come up, arguing when giving the slightest opportunity isn’t the same as effective communication. Constantly picking fights over things as insignificant as the last person to walk the dog or do the dishes would eventually ruin even the best of relationships. It is better to create a fixed duty roster to ensure that these silly arguments end.

A lot of people make silly mistakes that destroy their relationships. These mistakes do not necessarily define their usual personality traits as every relationship is different and tends to bring out different sides of a person. It might also not be the relationship, but the stage they are in their lives or external factors that brings out this side of you.

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